Five Best iOS Real-Time Strategy Games


There are many alternatives when it comes to games on iOS. You can play any games on your iPhone. You can also play any games from Nintendo on your iPhone by using HappyChick emulator. Although many turn-based business games can be found on the App Store, there are not many real-time strategy games (RTS) for the iPhone. Developers may find it challenging to build a real-time strategy game similar to a small screen console on a cell phone. Below is an overview of some of the best real-time strategy games for your iOS device.

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Autumn Dynasty

It reminds me that with an Asian background, AD allows resuming the epic wars fought by China’s feudal lords. As for strategy, the game never fails. It has many unified strategies up its sleeve.

The splash of color seems too surprising on the retinal screen. With many strategic surprises, beautiful images, and easy management of resources and basic settings, Autumn Dynasty offers an unprecedented mobile planning match.


I always wanted an RTS game based on an unconventional theme or theory, and the battle of amoebas is the sport I was looking for. The game takes place in a universe of germs and confronts players with “evil amoebas” who want to destroy the ecosystem.

Instead of base-building, Amoebattle focuses more on unit management. Resource management takes the form of food that requires to be fed to omnivore, herbivore, and carnivore amoebas to help them acquire abilities and level up.

First Strike

Inc. this real-time strategy game allows you to take control of the nuclear hideout of a country. Your goal is to destroy enemy countries. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to unlock new powers and states, opening the door to destruction and chaos. However, the single-player style offers a decent AI, which makes the game very challenging.

Before the launch of the penultimate rocket, your collection of tasks includes researching new technologies and building new rockets. Launching missiles has more than one goal: to ruin a nation or shoot down approaching missiles. Every decision you make affects the whole situation. So think twice before exploring new technologies or using nuclear weapons.

Land Air Sea Warfare

For conflicts of epic proportions, this game offers a powerful RTS gaming experience on your iOS device. The best part of this game is the random maps it provides to its players. Each new map contains an entirely new terrain and new attributes, making the battles more exciting and challenging.

You can also enjoy a fantastic strategy game against intelligent AI opponents at any desired difficulty level. But overall, LAS is one of the best real-time business games on the iPhone, with its large-scale land, air, and sea battles, fantastic images, and random maps.

Line of Defense: Tactics

In a science fiction universe, you want to take advantage of all space Marines’ extraordinary capabilities, which grow and strengthen with experience. You must make the most of each of the four paths to defend against enemies.

During …