Several Alternatives for Android App Stores


Google Play is not the only marketplace for Android. Many men and women are encouraged to search for apps on Google Play from almost any variable. Alternative stores have attention for both customers and app partners. For users, there’s a higher likelihood of apps with spyware or malware with bad UX. This point can hide queries in the app’s configuration provisions for developers and software owners, along with hacking issues. Not all Google Play options are evenly valuable, but Panda Helper and other apps can help expand the app distribution territory. Therefore read the following several alternatives for Android app stores.


Google Play Store

We all notice that the colossal Google Play, the main focus of developers’ attempts. Therefore, it is not entirely crucial to write about it. Regardless of the stores you pick for your app, they are most likely to complement this one.

Amazon App Store

Suppose we talk about the most widespread option to Google Play. We think about Amazon App store as a default store for Kindle Fire tablets, which work on a forked Android version and often top the most popular Android tablets. So it can be helpful for owners of tablet-optimized apps. For developers, there is an excellent, more powerful control, unlike the Google Play Store.

Samsung Apps

Samsung is the most crucial hardware manufacturer for Android and has its app store, which can be found through Suggest, which can also be branded Samsung. Apps must be registered and go through the tradition of quality management and device compatibility assessment, so the risk of malware is minimal here.


This app is accessible worldwide and promotes several payment alternatives, the most popular probably being PayPal. It would be relatively easy for the app to get noticed in this store. Other noteworthy features are SlideMe’s advertising system and the possibility to earn more income than the regular edition that runs in the three mentioned stores (70% of the revenue goes to the program operator, 30% to the store).


As in the different stores, it is easy for people to find and select programs through categories and subcategories. This point can be a very popular free app repository that is great for bringing additional users to a software product. The platform’s openness and flexibility have ensured its international popularity, and Marketplace app stores allow apps to be placed and discovered by many consumers. Even though smaller app stores have fewer people than Google Play, there are more chances for the app to be highlighted.